The meeting agenda includes a public debate session that aims at raising awareness, fostering dialogue and promoting an exchange of knowledge and experiences on the crucial role that entrepreneurship plays in creating innovative and sustainable income-generating activities based on cultural values and cultural expressions. The session will also focus on the challenges and opportunities that creative entrepreneurs face in the Caribbean and Europe.

The second day of the event will be internal training session between selected young creatives, entrepreneurs and representatives of the Caribbean and European incubators and accelerators. It will include lectures and small group assignments on topics such as fundraising, intellectual property, marketing, networking and project management. 


• Marielle Barrow Maignan, Trinidad and Tobago, President of Caribbean InTransit magazine

• Kimala Bennett, Jamaica, CEO of The Lab

• Harold Davis, Jamaica, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaican Business Development Corporation (JBDC)

• Selwyn Cambridge, Barbados, Founder and Executive Director of TEN Habitat

• Allyson Francis, Barbados, Services Specialist at Caribbean Export

• Santiago Arroyo Serrano, Spain, and Milan Vračar, Serbia, European Network of Cultural Centres

• Philippe Kern, Belgium, Chairman of Bcreative


The creative economy is one of the most dynamic sectors with a huge potential for socio-economic development. The Caribbean region, with its numerous traditions, languages and historical exchanges is in a privileged position to tap into this potential. The UNESCO Transcultura programme harnesses this diversity to promote integration and cooperation in the Caribbean and the European Union through culture and creativity. 

The IncYOUTHbator event thus aims to strengthen a diverse and thriving cultural and creative ecosystem by providing opportunities for young creatives and cultural professionals to develop their careers and entrepreneurial projects in the cultural and creative industries.