The regional conference aims at mobilizing the project' stakeholders to exchange views and define strategies to foster the development of diversified narratives and an inclusive representation of human mobility in West and Central Africa, with the aim of ensuring access to comprehensive information on migration and promoting regular migration and respect for the rights and dignity of migrants. 

The specific objectives of the conference are as follows: 

  1. Exchange on the issues and challenges of the media narrative on migration in West and Central Africa;
  2. Promote diversification of narratives and inclusive representation as the best approach to ensure access to comprehensive and quality information on migration;
  3. Identify ways to engage public, private and community media in West and Central Africa in the development of diversified and inclusive narratives on human mobility;
  4. Share experiences and good practices on media reporting on migration;
  5. Identify ways and means of promoting the viability of the media in order to ensure the production of quality information content of public interest;
  6. Exchange on the consequences of the proliferation of misinformation on migration, as well as the means to counter it.